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Our community initiatives seek to awaken the defence warrior instincts in the members of the African Communities with a view to developing cyber warriors.

How we do it?
We engage community members at each cybersecurity maturity level and facilitate the creation of environments that provide joint opportunities for cybersecurity tasks, projects, learning opportunities & special cybersecurity assignments relevant to each maturity level. OSBS Technologies uses the following Cybersecurity Maturity Levels:

     1. Novice Level
     2. Cybersecurity enthusiast  Level
     3. Junior Cybersecurity  Warrior Level
     4. Senior Cybersecurity  Warrior Level
     5. Ultimate Cybersecurity  Warrior Level

Get involved
Click on the tab below and let us know your level of maturity level. An OSBS Technologies representative will get in touch within 48 hours.  

community members

CyberCafe Owners

Cybercafés provide our community members easy, reliable access to the battle field. Through partnerships with Cybercafé owners, OSBS Technologies is able to create an environment that allows the execution of cybersecurity tasks, projects, learning opportunities & special cybersecurity assignments for each member at every cybersecurity maturity level.

Are you a Cybercafé owner?
Are you willing to dedicate at least one computer(host) at your facility for cybersecurity community tasks, cybersecurity projects, learning opportunities & special cybersecurity assignments? Kindly complete the form below and a representative from OSBS Technologies will get in touch with you within 48 hours 

CyberCafe Owners

Business Community

While many countries might not be aware, cybersecurity is one of the most important national security challenges they face. Future wars will not be about the size of the army or number of battle tanks owned, but on the technology edge that a country possesses over the enemy.
While our African Governments will make claims of their ability to protect their citizens, It is possible that cybersecurity criminals have their weapons fully loaded and are increasing their arsenal and attack base.
As a business owner, Investor or non-profit organization, what are your options?
Through our community initiatives, we create linkages within your community that enable opportunities to create safer internet communities.
Our donor partner opportunities vary, it could be agreeing to host a cybersecurity event, sponsoring a cybersecurity workshop, donating software, computers, facility, providing internet access to community members, sponsoring community certification / awareness courses, allowing a penetration test or agreeing to contract our ultimate cybersecurity warriors.

Complete the form below and let us know how you would want to stay engaged 


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Phone: +254 788 981 542
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