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External Penetration Testing

Vulnerabilities at the network perimeter expose an organization to a variety of external threats, ultimately increasing its overall risk exposure. Through a series of scans run outside of the network perimeter, OSBStechnologies external penetration test examines configurations of the firewall and other devices in place to prevent intrusions into an organization’s network. Once the data has been collected and analyzed, OSBStechnologies provides a set of recommendations indicating the best methods for improving the security of the network perimeter. Along with these recommendations, OSBS also analyzes firewall rules and configurations to further determine a company’s overall risk exposure and the appropriateness of existing security settings, and it can provide a report assessing risks surrounding remote access connections into the network. Our External Penetration Testing Services can include:
(a) Port scanning
(b) Ping testing
(c) Whois search
(d) Traceroute analysis
(e) Manual network cracking tools


Internal Network Vulnerability Assessment        

With so much attention focused on protecting the network from hackers, viruses, and other external threats, a network’s internal vulnerabilities are often overlooked. OSBS’s internal network vulnerability assessment identifies weaknesses within the local area network (LAN) by analyzing security-related configurations, services running, and other potential weaknesses through a series of scans run from inside of the network perimeter. Once data has been collected and analyzed, OSBS compiles a set of recommendations to address discovered vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with industry best practices and related regulatory guidelines.


Web & Mobile Application Testing

OSBSnet uses a variety of tools and manual testing methods to assess the security and integrity of websites and mobile applications. This service tests for issues with code, potentially harmful files present, insecure services running, and potentially harmful plugins in place. After analyzing the potential web and mobile app weaknesses, OSBS provides a report identifying potential issues, prioritizing remediation efforts, and suggesting remediation measures

Wireless Security Assessment

Wireless Security Assessments

OSBSnet wireless security assessment combines internal/external vulnerability testing and configuration analysis to ensure that wireless networks are properly secured. This service analyzes potential threats and vulnerabilities associated with an organization’s wireless activities, and it evaluates the wireless network’s susceptibility to threats such as unauthorized access, rouge access points, privilege escalation, wardriving, and accessing a wired corporate network through wireless access points. After using a variety of tools to evaluate the strength of wireless security controls, OSBSnet provides a report prioritizing potential issues and suggesting remediation measures.


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