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Security Awarness Training & Program Development

A large challenge facing businesses of all sizes is the ability to properly protect confidential information. It is necessary for all organizations to have an information security program in place. OSBStechnologies can assist help construct an information security policy, improvement of existing policies, and training employees on adherence to information security best practices. OSBStechnologies has performed and documented training exercises for employees and board members on a variety of information security topics.


Social Engineering Testing

In many instances, the most significant threat surrounding an organization’s confidential information stems from the people chosen to both use and protect it. OSBStechnologies social engineering exercises are designed to simulate actual attacks by executing the same methodologies used by attackers. In effect, test participants gain exposure and a better understanding of social engineering tactics without the harmful repercussions and damaging results of real-life attacks.Among the most common social engineering exercises demonstrated by OSBStechnologies are:
(a) Phishing Services
(b) Physical Breach
(c) Pretext Calling
(d) Pretext Mailer

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

OSBStechnologies  provides a variety of risk assessments that helps assist clients in making decisions regarding their IT infrastructure, their controls over sensitive information, and risk/reward propositions regarding overall operational risk. We work with our clients in assessing risk surrounding specific processes, operational changes, or new service offerings.


Digital Forensics & Incident Report

Part of an effective information security program is an organization’s ability to respond quickly and thoroughly to potential data breaches. OSBStechnologies assists businesses in assessing whether a data breach or inappropriate use of IT resources has taken place through analyzing reports and audit trails through a series of forensic tools. OSBStechnologies provides a report with findings, recommendations for remediation, and ways by which a similar incident can be prevented


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