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Software Services

Software Selection

Selecting the correct software analysis for your business can be time consuming and sometimes a confusing process that many companies go through alone. Often these companies have limited experience evaluating and selecting the type of integrated software applications that will drive efficient business processes and enhance performance. The successful outcome a software implementation, especially Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software, is enormously important to the future growth of many businesses and is dependent on a well-run analysis and selection.


Ongoing Support

On the first day your new software goes live users begin using the application for the first time to perform their daily processes in a live environment. This can be a stressful day and if something goes wrong or a transactional process is forgotten, OSBStechnologies can provide on-site support for your user community. In addition OSBS can, upon request, monitor and evaluate the use of your new software and overall performance of the system. The objective being to ensure that the system is fully operational and provides required functionality and management information to your organization in the long term.


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